Excalibur 2.0

Full featured calculator for serious users

Excalibur is a freeware full-featured RPN-only calculator with 300 functions (scientific, business, conversion, computer science, physics, complex numbers, geometry, vectors, etc), full 4 or 8-level stack, international support for different comma and decimal point formats, programmable, macros, registers, custom button banks, etc.



Excalibur 2.0

User reviews about Excalibur

  • edgurr

    by edgurr


    Best calculator available anywhere! Wish there was an iPhone version. If its not on the canned functions, write your ...   More.

  • alansailor

    by alansailor

    "If you don't use it you are probably missing out."

    It is the preferred calculator on anyone's computer. Once you have agreed to rethink calculator use to accept RPN yo...   More.

  • philexcalibur

    by philexcalibur

    "must have for hp calc users"

    excellent for those doing work on the computer and natually want their caclculator there not buried. I have it set to...   More.

  • OlneyNate

    by OlneyNate

    "haven't found ANY issues with it in years of use"

    For day-to-day calculations, this app should meet your every need. As developer Dave B notes in his help file, there...   More.

  • "Using the Excalibur "

    I am a mechanical engineer and have been using Hewlett Packard programmable calculators over for over 40 years and as...   More.

  • yehezkel

    by yehezkel

    "Excellent free utility"

    As a mathematician--an algebraist to be specific--I find RPN practically and philosophically superior to (and more al...   More.